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Bringing People Together Through Sports 

High Performance Sport was created in 2010, with the intention of bringing sport teams from all over the world to improve and develop sports in Costa Rica, while providing a platform for teams to compete at a good level, enjoy the beauty of this country and help the locals, whether it is by using the skills of the people in the form of volunteering, donations or just by enjoying the trip knowing that all of the profit and resources will go to the organizations that are part of HPS.

HPS provides the opportunity for sport teams to come to Costa Rica, play, travel and impact the lives of the locals. We offer different options for you to choose what suits your ideal trip best.  Logistics, itinerary, accommodation, transportation, meals, all these details taken care of and fit into one package.  We have worked with over 50 teams in different sports, whether it is College team, High School team, Club team, Amateur teams. But we do not limit only to Sport teams, we have worked with Churches, Companies, Organizations, even groups of people that want to put together a trip in which they can enjoy the experience knowing they are doing well by others. 



Ricardo Rodriguez


Ronald Perez


David Chacon

Group coordinator

Our services


We provide an itinerary that includes, clinics, volunteering, tourism, all the details day by day from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart


We provide an itinerary with all the games arranged for your team


Transport We provide the transportation for the whole trip

All meals

All meals We provide all the meals during your time here


Lodging We provide a safe environment for you and your team to enjoy your time in CR


Our story

Widows Ministry

It is a ministry located in Los Guido a marginal urban area in San Jose Costa Rica our ministry has as its purpose the rescue of families at social risk for now we focus on the restoration of young women and Elder women who have suffered neglected abandonment or any situation that affects their lives we also help young people and children at social risk we work in this place because this area suffers many terrible situations like drug trafficking prostitution and assassinations in our ministry we believe that we can change the community through prayer and the preaching of the gospel

projects for the future we dream of resuming work with children and adolescents as many of them still ask us when the program reopens we also dream of having enough resources to reopen the sewing workshop and also create other workshops such as woodwork for those who want to learn something different we dream to build a second floor in the house of the ministry since the space has become small we also dream to return to help people with food as we did in the past.

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How to help


Prayer is the greatest need please pray for Dona isabel she is the leader and founder please pray for Andres her son and his wife Jorlenny who support Doña Isabel in her ministerial work. 

Pray for the women and families of Bethesda House help us pray for financial help because our ministry does not have economic support nor the missionaries who help us pray for construction teams to improve and finish the Bethesda home projects we need your prayers to resume the projects that we had to suspend due to lack of resources




+506 84077414


Our story


Hogar Sol Association was founded in 1990 with the name “Temporary Homeless Hostel Children”. It was the result of the dream of a group of neighbors and friends from Desamparados, who aware of the urgent needs of the place, begin a path of service to our children. This sector is highly vulnerable, and demands immediate attention by the government and all its citizens. Our children suffer many social problems such as aggression, neglect and deprivation of rights due to them.

We are an NGO that works closely with the government of Costa Rica serving children at social risk and vulnerability status. We protect children in situations of neglect, abuse, sexual and physical assault.

Hogar Sol is an ecumenical, private and non-profit social welfare institution. Since its foundation, the Association had the firm conviction that children have rights in social risk, specific needs and require special protection from civil society.

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We have multiple needs, among which are: food, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene and economic needs.


(+506) 22 70 42 81

(+506) 22 70 22 00


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Our Work

In our effort to create environments where humans and sea turtles can live together in balance, we have developed different projects. The first, a group of conservation and research programs both on the Caribbean and Southern Pacific coasts of Costa Rica. The Caribbean program is located in Cahuita, Moin and Pacuare beaches, where we focus on the nesting of leatherback, green and hawksbill turtles, while the South Pacific project is located in Osa Peninsular, where we work in the recovery of mangrove forests and sea grass beds as well as the studies of the rare Eastern Pacific hawksbill turtles.

We have also generated a voluntourism project to create alternative livelihoods by training local partners on how to receive volunteers and tourism in community homestays. This increases strongly their local opportunities to have a better income and reduces the pressure over the turtles, their eggs and their critical habitats.

Besides that, we initiated projects to monitor reefs, train the park rangers in monitoring turtle nesting and educate hundreds of local students on the importance of marine and coastal conservation. Finally we also advise the government on marine environments, participate in several local, national and international networks and publish articles to improve the knowledge about the ocean and its life.

Why come to CR?

Are you looking for a life changing experience?

Come visit this beautiful country, you can impact lives while enjoying this amazing experience, tell us what you want this trip to look like and we will make it happen  

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